Monday, June 15, 2009

Solution for the avi videos given today.

If you have problems trying to play the videos given in the class today (this happens specially in macs), I have just found the solution. The problem is that it is a .avi file with an TSCC codec that was developed for Windows. The QuickTime doesn't play the video, just the sound; some windows media pleyers have the same problem, and the VLC player (if you have it) has a bug. So, to make it work properly, download the codec at this link:, and (for mac) download the Intel-based Mac-OS X one, unzip it and run the package. Restart quicktime and play it there.
I played it and works without problem. For windows it has 2 codecs for download, but I haven't checked yet. Good luck with that, and see you in the workshop.
Thanks for the videos Don! I have just seen it and it is a lot of help (specialy if I don't usually use flash, jejeje).

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