Saturday, June 13, 2009


Well, Kyo is a serie that the protagonists of the story are Kyo, Spark and Vuley, three so differents ways of life. Kyo is a guy who practices parkour and he wants fights and get into troubles all the time because is great for him. Spark is an hyperactive squirrel who lost his tail, he loves lollipops and turtle-rabbits. Vuley is a blue bull that is a freak, he was the pet of a tyranous boy that always tries to get him feel so bad for his color and his four eyes and four arms.

One day, they mets each other in an alley where the princess of the kingdom was murdered by the mafia. She throws away her kingstone, that makes someone so strong and gives magical powers. Spark found it when he met Vuley and Kyo met they when the mafia chases him.
So, they need to find the way to returns to the kingdom escaping from the mafia to give the princess's stone to the king.

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